Unseelie Queen

Unseelie Queen

Unseelie fae come from the unseelie court which includes a variety of different types of fae. They are on the darker side of fae and need to be treated with courtesy and respect, though they are incredibly loyal and protective over those they form bonds with. Their personalities can range from very serious to the more playful side, just as any other entity. They are deeply connected to nature and fae realms and are highly skilled in magick. If asked for their opinion, they do tend to speak their mind freely and give it to you straight. They can assist in a wide variety of magickal arts and some are highly gifted healers. They would make excellent companions for increasing magickal capabilities as well as developing your spiritual gifts and once a bond is sealed with them they will protect you and your living space relentlessly.

Queen E stands at about 5’6” tall with a thin yet curvy build. She has pale ashen skin and long black wavy hair that flows freely. Her eyes are a glowing shade of golden amber that completely illuminate when she is working her magick. She has delicate facial features and a beautiful smile. She typically dresses in luxurious gowns in dark shades and her wings are large and black and have a texture similar to lace, however she won’t always manifest with her wings. Her crown is large and ornate and the metal it’s made out of resembles what we would call bronze. She loves jewelry and wears stunning large pieces that are very unique. 

Queen E’s energy is very strong and on the warmer side. Because she is an Unseelie Fae, her energy is obviously a darker than Seelie Fae. Her energy wraps around like a warm heavy blanket and is easily noticed. She has a very electrified and magickal feel to her and you may notice your ears popping or your skin prickling when she is next to you. She has a heavy but comforting energy that makes you feel safe and secure. Her energy may take some time to get used to but regular bonding will help this. 

Queen E is an Unseelie Fae. She specializes in nearly any manner of fae magick including but not limited to enchantments, glamours, protection, and healing. She can aid you in magickal empowerment and assist in awakening and strengthening your psychic abilities. As an Unseelie, she is willing to work with darker magick on your behalf or at your side. Queen E can help you strengthen your connection to the fae and to nature. She can communicate very well via dreams, visions, and telepathy. 

Queen E is assertive and determined. If you find yourself procrastinating she can be the one that gives that push, drive, and fire under you to get you moving. She can be highly protective and keeps a close watchful eye over those she cares for. Queen E will be there to support you but she is not one to baby you, she wants you to step into your own power and she will guide and assist you along the way. 

Please note that the Unseelie Fae deserve respect! Our agreement does not allow for them to cause any harm to their human companion but they will still play pranks and attempt to get into mischief. This binding is not for a newbie or someone who is inexperienced with darker Fae. Thank you!

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!