W ~ Male Devorer

W ~ Male Devorer

The Devorer are similar to what most know as zombies, however there is a distinct difference in that they do not feed on flesh and instead they eat away and absorb negative energy. As companions they can help keep your living space cleaner by eating away at the stagnant negative energies that tend to accumulate over time in day to day life. Aside from pulling it out of your home, they can also draw it out of your energy body leaving you revitalized and allowing you to feel more clear headed. Negative energy attaching to the body can lead to limited psychic senses, fatigue and in some cases impact physical health. The Devorer can help lessen the impact you receive from negativity of the world and your surroundings. They can be protective as well, typically they have a heavy feeling presence that may take some adjusting. Many of them simply wish to assist you at feeling your best and limiting the run down of non-serving energies  while getting a chance to explore the world and be a close friend to their companion.

W is a tall one standing at about 6’3” with a muscular build. His skin is ashen in some places and a purple shade in others and is covered in tattoos and scars. He has blue black hair that’s styled in a modern way that hangs in his eyes. When he brushes his hair aside you can see his bright silver eyes shining back at you. He tends to wears a seductive and sneaky smirk on his face and has a great smile and a hearty laugh that is super contagious. He likes to dress in stylish clothing that reminds me of a rock star, always in dark colors. 

W has a heavy and grounding energy. You can feel the weight of his energy coursing through your body. This may take a short period of adjustment if you are not used to heavier energies. His ambient temperature is on the warmer side but if you feel a direct touch it tends to be on the cooler side. W is considered dark arts but is a kind being and will be very affectionate and attentive with his human companion. 

W is a Devorer. He can clean and clear away negative energy whether in your home or that which has become attached to the energy body. W can also assist with mental focus and fixing up negative thought patterns that may contribute to building up negative energy. Aside from this he is also wanting to watch over you and offer his companion a source of protection. 

W has a bit of a rocker vibe and would enjoy practically any activity that involves fun. He seems to have an interest in observing popculture and learning more about it. He would enjoy fun get togethers if you're someone who has friends or family over for a night. Aside from this he would just like to spend time seeing new things with his companion and be a friend and sidekick of sorts sharing experiences together. He loves jokes and has an amazing sense of humor. He will make a very fun companion!