Y ~ Arctic Kitsune

Y ~ Arctic Kitsune

Kitsune are a type of yokai found in Japanese mythology that can shift from their fox form to a human form. In their human form they may keep their fox ears and/or tails. A Kitsune can have up to nine tails. How many tails they have will depend on their age, wisdom, and power. A fully grown kitsune will have nine tails. 

The word Kitsune translates to ‘fox spirit’, however that does not mean that Kitsune are actually spirits. They are considered to be spiritual entities. The ones offered here will be entities unless otherwise specified. There are two distinct types of Kitsune, one being benevolent and the other malevolent. I will only offer benevolent Kitsune that are lighter arts and these will fall on the grey arts spectrum. 

Kitsune are similar to the Fae in that they are very playful, mischievous, and energetic. You need to be okay with some playful tricks and pranks such as things being moved about if you want to welcome one of these lovelies into your home. Many Kitsune tend to be loving and affectionate and some can be a little (or a lot) flirty. 

Kitsune can make great guardians and magickal companions. They are generally skilled in luck and manifestation though some are also wonderful healers. Having a Kitsune in your family can help you develop your spiritual gifts, heighten your intuition, bring out your inner child, boost your physical energy, and increase your magickal power.

Y is a stunning creature. In his human form he stands at about 5’11” tall with a slim yet athletic build, pale white skin, long white hair, and bright yellow eyes. His eyes are very large and really draw you in. He has prominent canines and the warmest smile. His white ears stick up from his white hair and he has nine large white tails. He usually wears clothing in shades of red, gold and black. In his fox form he is a medium-large sized white fox with yellow eyes and nine tails. 

Y is an Arctic Kitsune and has a weighty and magickal cool energy. Light shocks and tingles can be felt when he is near. He tends to stimulate higher chakras and may cause a fluttering feeling in the ears. His touch can feel a bit solid and is slightly cold to the touch. 

Y is very magickally inclined and can aid in boosting spellwork and opening up new doors and opportunities for you. Y can help align you with new potentials for growth and wellbeing and increase the odds in your favor for a successful undertaking. Y would also be a good partner at developing your intuition and psychic abilities. 

Y is a fun loving and excitable companion. He enjoys playing jokes and lightening the mood. His playful personality can help brighten your day and help you to not take things so seriously. He is very social, supportive and affectionate should you ever need someone to talk to or lean on. He is completely open to romance if his companion is a female.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!