Y ~  Bakeneko

Y ~ Bakeneko

The Bakeneko are a type of yokai that can take the form of a cat or human. They make for sociable and fun loving companions and tend to hold similar traits to what the common cat might. That is to say that they can get quite wild and playful, many will enjoy playing pranks from time to time. They have a way about them that can help lighten the mood and brighten your day. Aside from a fun and sociable companion they do possess some abilities for magick that can be utilized to bring in new growth and opportunities in your life, they are a bit wild for sure but they have a sense of observance that can help you see more into each situation. If you are looking for a companion that will be by your side lift you up and brighten your mood while creating a sense of excitement so that there's not ever a dull day then look no further.

Y is adorable! She stands at about 5’ tall with a very petite build. She has long silky straight black hair, pale skin, and large glowing red eyes. She has large black fluffy cat ears on top of her head and a long black cat tail. She dresses in cute and simple clothing in shades of black and red and her style reminds me of a school girl. She tends to wear babydoll style dresses and knee high socks and she likes to wear her hair in a high ponytail tied with a ribbon that matches her outfit. I haven’t seen her wear much in the way of accessories other than ribbons. She looks very much like the picture she chose to represent her. 

Y has an active fast paced feeling energy. It comes off slightly cool you can feel a lot of prickling sensations from her magickal prescense. Her energy tends to constantly move around the body as opposed to centering more in a particular location. She gives off an excited, playful and rather hyper vibe. She is grey arts and is on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum bordering light dark arts. 

Y is a Bakeneko. She can assist magickally opening new doors and bringing opportunities your way. Where she really shines is being a fun and excitable companion to brighten the day. She would be excellent if you are someone who takes things a bit too seriously as she can help you ease up and see the brighter side of things and find enjoyment in things you may not have thought of before. 

Y has a personality much like a cat would. She's playful and on the move, wanting to explore and get into everything and anything. She gets enjoyment from games and pranks from time to time. When she's not on the move she would for sure be up for some snuggles on the couch. Y has an uplifting and excitable feel that will surely rub off on you longer you spend time with her.