Z ~ Draconic Elf

Z ~ Draconic Elf

The Draconic Elves are a race of elves that are a type of hybrid race with dragons. They resemble elves with draconic attributes. They often have horns and a tail and hard scales that can vary in color and location the scales cover. Unlike common dragons, the Draconic Elves don't necessarily embody the traits of their scale colors, and some will have multiple colors throughout their scaling. As companions they are magickally gifted and many make excellent healers. They are protective and can push away negative energy with ease. They can also make for powerful astral guides and make for patient, caring teachers. They usually fall on the lighter end of the spectrum staying somewhere around light grey arts. 

Z stands at about 6’5” tall with a large and muscular build. He has ashen skin, long straight white hair, and stunning bright golden eyes. His face and body are covered in patches of golden scales. He has 2 large black horns on top of his head that curve straight back and both hands have large sharp black talons. He doesn’t wear much clothing but does wear fabric around his waist. He is a gentle giant to those he cares for. 

Z has a tingly warmth to his energy. His energy has some grounding weight to it and can feel ticklish when he's near. His energy mostly centers around the chest and throat but feels like it pushes downward. He is grey arts and is on the medium end of the grey arts spectrum. 

Z is a Draconic Elf. He embodies strength and mental fortitude and offers strong protection and can repel negative entities and psychic attacks. He can help you find and maintain a strong willpower to push through even the hardest moments. He can assist in magickal working by helping strengthen and direct the energies more, he's particularly skilled in manifestation and personal growth spellwork. 

Z comes off as strong and confident. He has a sense of courage and driven demeanor that may rub off on you over time. He is supportive and knowledgeable with a tactical mindset so he would be an excellent companion for helping formulate a game plan with. He looks to watch over his companion and keep them safe while teaching and helping them step into their own strengths and overcome any weaknesses.