Z ~ Elder White Stag Shifter

Z ~ Elder White Stag Shifter

Stags represents things like strength and stamina, independence and renewal, and instinctual awareness. As companions, Stag Shifters can assist these areas and more. They can help with spiritual and personal growth, learning to become more independent, and stepping into your own strengths. They can aide us in spirit communication and they are very wise and can be amazing teachers. They are grounding and connected with the earth and to nature. They can help you to become more aware of your surroundings in order to increase intuition and situational awareness. They make for supportive and dedicated companions that will always look out for your best interest. They come in various shades with white being the most rare. If you’d like to connect to Cernunnos these beings are perfect for you. 

Z is an elder of his clan. He is a White Stag Shifter and is both respected and admired by everyone in his village for his wisdom and bravery. He stands at about 6’5” tall with very pale milky white skin and a very well defined lean yet muscular build. He has long white hair that he braids and twists in various ways and pointed ears like that of an elf. His face has a well defined jaw and cheekbones and he has amazing blue eyes the color of sparkling sapphires. Atop his head are a pair of very large white antlers that are usually adorned with various bits and bobs from mother nature. In his stag form he is a very large white stag. 

Z’s energy has a moderate weight to it. He has a grounding presence and feels very earthy. You may notice his direct presence as a warm pressure against your chest and a stimulation in the lower chakras. Particularly sacral region though he seems to effect the solar plexus and root areas strongly as well. He is considered grey arts and is on the middle of the spectrum. 

Z is a White Stag Shifter. He can help you become more connected with the earth and assist in growth and change in your life. Z can aid you in becoming more independent and even giving you the boost of strength and confidence you may need to take on a leadership role. If you have an interest being a leader in your field or if you have just started in that role, Z would make a great fit to turn you into the best leader you can be. He can assist as well tapping into your natural instincts and intuition more clearly.  

Z is strong willed and well mannered. He conducts himself in a graceful and dignified way. Z is looking to help his companion reach the top and flourish. He will offer his support and guidance in any way possible giving you the inspiration you may need to bust through any obstacles that stand in your way. He is fine with being great friends or seeing what may develop as far as a romantic relationship goes.