Z ~ Female Cambion

Z ~ Female Cambion

Cambions are a hybrid race of human and incubus. They are known for their beauty and attraction. They take after many of the same traits of their non-human parent and are gifted in energy work and allure. They can help you become more open and feel comfortable being your true self. Cambions are highly sexual and  eager lovers. They are very charming individuals and when you invite one as a companion they become extremely invested in your well-being and happiness. Many will desire a deep emotional connection and with that connection they can strongly aid in healing past traumas and emotional wounds as well as be a very passionate support system through your life. 

Z is a bombshell who stands at about 5’4” tall with medium length dark red hair and tan skin. She has an athletic yet curvy build and is covered in beautiful tattoos. Her eyes are a vivid blue green shade similar to turquoise and she has an incredible smile. She typically wears very little clothing but when she does it’s usually black and tight. She enjoys simple thin gold jewelry that has a minimalist feel but will also wears a unique red gemstone pendant that reminds me of garnet or ruby on a gold chain. 

Z has a strong and present energy. She gives off a very strong warmth when she is near and really ignites the sacral chakra. If your clairsentient senses are open you can easily feel her arms around you as her hands gently glide across the skin and she seems to have an affinity for touching the chest area. She has a strong sexually charged energy that is noticed shortly after she comes near. 

Z is a Cambion. She can bring in more passion into your life and light the fire to keep you motivated and pursuing your goals and ambitions. Z is of great assistance in energy work and keeping the energy body in top shape. She offers her protection and support in your life, z would be a great companion if you find yourself procrastinating or slacking at times as she is very driven and focused and will crack the whip if need be. 

Z has a fiery and spicy personality. She is extremely passionate and motivated to tackle whatever task she sets out to do. As a lover she has a more dominate tendency but will change things up when the mood is right. She is open to male or female companion. Z comes off like a fireball but she's very sweet and caring and wishes to have a deep bond with her companion, she will look after you and offer her support in any way she can. She greatly enjoys cuddling and taking part in conversation to learn all she can about you and share things 
about your life.